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 Aluminum Fence Styles

Available Heights
  48" 60" 54"
Prices shown are for assembled sections.
Aluminum Fence Style Louisville


Aluminum Fence Style Madison

Aluminum Fence Style Penn National  - Pool Code - BOCA Code
Penn National-PC*

Aluminum Fence Style Rockingham


Aluminum Fence Style Saratoga


Aluminum Fence Style Rockingham - Pool Code - BOCA Code
Aluminum Fence Style Saratoga - Pool Code - BOCA Code


Pickets: 5/8" square .050" thick
Regular Posts: 2" square .060" thick
Gate Posts: 2" square .125" thick
Horizontal Rails: 1" x 1" x 1"
Clear spacing between pickets:  3-7/8"
Colors available: Black and Bronze
Heights available: 48" and 54" Pool Code
Section Length: 72-3/4" on center
Gate sizes available: Straight top 48" & 60" wide
  Arched top 48" wide only

Gate vertical frame:

1" square .125" thick
Gate horizontal frame. 055" thick
Fasteners: Stainless screws to match paint
PC = Pool Code

The 48" Penn National-PC, 54" Rockingham-PC and 54" Saratoga-PC are designed to meet the requirements for Pool Code fencing. All three styles of fence have the bottom rail to the ground with no pickets exposed.

* Before ordering Pool Enclosure Fence, check your local building codes or zoning ordinance for the Pool Enclosure requirements.

Unique Aluminum Fence is available in both Black and Bronze colors.

Aluminum Fence GatesGATES: Straight top gates are available in widths of 48" and 60". The arched gate style is only available as a 48" wide gate.  Two gates can be combined to create a double wide gate.


Aluminum Fence Flat top gate
Straight Top Gate

Aluminum Fence Arched Gate
Arched Top Gate


Aluminum Fence Accessories - Royal Finial
Royal Finial
Aluminum Fence Accessories - Triad Finial
Triad Finial
Aluminum Fence Accessories - Ball Cap
Ball Cap (2")
Aluminum Fence Accessories - Post Cap
Post Cap

Aluminum Fence Accessories - Butterfly Scroll
Butterfly Scroll
Aluminum Fence Accessories - Estate Scroll
Estate Scroll
Aluminum Fence Accessories - Wall Flange
Wall Flange

Base Flange

Touch Up Paint

Aluminum Fence Accessories - Bee Stop
Bee Stop


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Fence fabricated in the USA of US and imported components. Other items may be imported.

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